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Examples of why you need a Day Of Planner

Whenever I hear about a couple being engaged, I always ask if they plan on hiring a Florida day of/month of coordinator. Partially because I would love for them to hire me, but also because I try to tell them the importance of hiring one - even if they don't end up hiring me. Think about it - you planned this entire event - there are many puzzle pieces coming together to make this event happen - all the vendors getting there on time, making sure the participants in the wedding are in the right spot, the time line keeps moving, and God forbid something goes wrong - do you want you and your future spouse or any family members having to deal with that?

Here are a few real life examples of things that happened at weddings we have planned - the couple didn't know about any of this until the day after or they didn't know it at all! We handle the stressors so that you can enjoy your day!

1. Place Card Mishap

The couple left their personal items at the venue the night before and we went through all the details. On the day of, I was placing the escort cards on the table when I noticed only table 1, 5, and 10 had been printed and they had been printed multiple times so it looked like there was the correct amount of cards. I went in the back of the venue and used a computer and typed up new place cards -in our emergency kit, we have templates for the cards that we can print! I also always get the seating chart list form the clients - so I was able to produce all new place cards in a jiff and no one was the wiser! Now if you didn't have a day of coordinator, the venue coordinator would come to you with this problem, they probably wouldn't have your seating chart list and then you would have to dig for it and it would be a really big stress!

2. Personal Items

One hotel did not set up any of the couples special touches like photos, place cards, guest favors at each spot - for over 200 place settings - that is part of our job that we handle. If you didn't have a day of coordinator, one of your friends or family members would have to be down there working on your wedding day! Also at the end of the night, who is going to be in charge of taking down and packing away your items? Making sure your gifts and cards are safely put away? Most everyone is going to be drunk as a skunk and you don't want to have to be worrying about that.

3. Champagne Run

The ladies ran out of champagne while getting ready - instead of someone in the bridal party (who has already been drinking) going to the store - we ran over to Publix and picked up more bottles. Also, the couple ordered food platters for lunch and we picked those up and delivered!

4. Hotel Room

Usually the girls are getting ready in the the Honeymoon suite, it is fast and furious getting ready and boy let me tell you that the room becomes a disaster. After all the wedding events are over and the dancing is going on, I leave my assistant at the party to be there in case you need anything and I go to your room and do a clean up there so that when you come in after your wedding you come into a cleaned up and organized room instead of a disaster!

Those are just a couple examples - there are countless others. Consider a day of planner an investment in the success of your wedding day. We have been educated and trained to work weddings

and events. We have multiple years of experience and know how to handle situations when they arise. We are wedding planners and that term includes a lot of other jobs within - personal assistant, concierge, purse holder, decor set up, house keeping, delivery service, and so much more!

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