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  • Lizzie Lumley

Seating Charts

We get asked a lot if it is necessary to have a seating chart for a wedding, the answer to that is absolutely. There are a few exceptions depending on the flow of your wedding. But not having a seating chart is chaotic. People like to leave space with every other chair - so you end up with no enough seating and have to add more tables to account for that. Then its more money for another centerpiece, tablecloth etc. Making seating arrangements can be tricky with family - but in the end, most people understand. For those that don't, then they deal with the wedding planner and we will set them straight! Plus it's only for an hour or so that they sit at their specified table.

For more free flow events, it's not necessary to have a seating chart or even seating for everyone, but if you are having a program or organized show or entertainment, then I suggest a chair for everyone. We can help you organize the seating chart and even create the place cards or charts for you.

Seating Charts and Place Cards don't have to be boring either - check out these fun ideas.


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