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Wedding Cost Tips

Weddings are expensive - we all know this, but you don't have to sacrifice the look you are going for based on money. Yes, you will have to work a little harder - but you will feel so much more accomplished in the end. The money you save on some items can be used to beef up items that are more important to you. Also, you can use your savings to hire a day of planner to set up all your decor.

Here are some examples from my wedding:

Invitations - guess where all your paper goods from your wedding end up - the trash. It's one thing I really struggled with myself because I wanted to send the over the top gorgeous invitations and if I had the money I totally would have. But I found a great template on - signed up for the 30 day free trial for free shipping. I spent $167 on 75 invitations - that included all the insert cards and envelopes. You have to remember that even when an invitation prices at only $2 each - then you have to add the stamp cost on top of that = which if it's heavier then you may pay more for shipping. They even had cute programs that matched my invitations.

Centerpieces - You do not need to spend $250 per table on centerpieces to have a gorgeous centerpiece. I bought off one of the sites like Offer up/Let Go - $5 silver lanterns - which when you get them new they are only around $9 each from Ikea. We cut wood slices from a tree that had been cut down from our property. I went to the craft store and bought moss. The dollar tree to get the battery candles for $1 each. Then I went to the grocery store and picked up a couple bouquets of florals that matched my colors. I set up one the way I wanted it - took a photo and printed it and then on the day of, my planner set it up. It literally cost me $10 per centerpiece and they looked beautiful. See below.

Custom Signage - I looked into buying some signs for the wedding - like the unplugged ceremony sign and my s'more bar sign and the directional signage to point people to the ceremony and reception off the roads. But they were SO expensive. So I created a template on Microsoft Publisher - downloaded some high res imaging off the web and made my own signs and had Office Depot print the poster sign and I went to Dollar Tree and bought foam core boards and glue and made my own sign. It cost me $15 total when I was looking at a $40 sign.

My advice - whenever you think there is an opportunity for a DIY - check out Michaels, Hobby Lobby, Dollar Tree - and look for the coupons. Hobby Lobby usually had a 40% off one full priced item. They have lots of cute wedding stuff. Just be selective in what you want to spend your money on. Check offer up and let go - people are usually selling a package of their wedding decor so you can get a really good deal! Then you hire a day of planner to not only set up and tear down all your decorations, but we also do all the coordinating on the day of!

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