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  • Lizzie Lumley

Honeymoon Destination: Turks & Caicos

My fiance and I planned an impromptu trip to Providenciales, Turks and Caicos - the island is nicknamed Provo. We got such ridiculously inexpensive airfare that we just had to go! We had such a relaxing time here that I thought it would be nice to share our information in case you are looking at Turks and Caicos for your honeymoon.

We flew Southwest Airlines there from Ft. Lauderdale - really short flight. We watched an episode of Arrow and we were already almost there. You will want to have a window seat to see the beautiful turquoise water! The airport is very small and customs was easy to get through for us - I've heard that the lines can get pretty long so we must have gotten lucky at the arrival of our flight. People say don't travel there on a Saturday.

We rented a car through Payless Car Rentals - I was a little apprehensive about renting from them as they had astronomically cheaper cars than any of the other rental agencies on the island, and as the saying goes “cheaper isn’t always better.” I did my research and found multiple reviews that said it was just fine. So for $84 for a 4 day rental - we went with Payless. It was a painless process- their van picked us up at the airport and took us to the facility and we had the car quickly and were on our way.

We stayed at an Airbnb really close to everything off Venetian Drive. Our hosts Nick and Pauline were amazing! It was only $90 a night. Pauline gave us a tour of the hot spots around the island. It helped us to feel comfortable driving around.

So this blog post doesn’t drag on too long, here is a list of the things we did and recommend:

  • Snorkeling Coral Gardens

  • Famous for seeing sea turtles – we saw 5!

  • Snorkeling Smiths Reef

  • Famous for seeing Rays – we saw a spotted eagle ray

  • Horseback riding with Provos Ponies

  • They were so nice and the ride was worth the money

  • Driving out to Pirate’s Cove | Bonefish Nude Beach

  • The drive is a quite rocky and slow going – but doable.

  • Visiting Chalk Sound

Look below the pictures for more tips!

Make sure to wear lots of sunscreen. I wore a hat and sunscreen – reapplying multiple times and still got burned. Make sure to sunscreen places where you usually don’t – like your hands- burned those too!

The food is crazy expensive there – they add on an additional 22% tax onto restaurant food. My fiancé and I decided to save our money and go to the grocery store and purchase food for all the meals that we were there for. We spent about $130 on groceries for 3 days – the food prices are 2 – 3 times the prices of American food in the stores just FYI. We packed picnics to have on the beach and came back and cooked quick meals at the Airbnb after sunset. It worked out great and we saved a lot!

All in all it was a super relaxing vacation and it would be a perfect honeymoon spot.

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